About Us

Who We Are.Why We’re Here 
At Vape Cube, our mission is to promote and make available products that can reduce the risk of harm to smokers and products that promote general wellness. What’s unique about us is the way in which we are delivering our ‘reduced risk’ portfolio.
Vape Cube aspire to be national chain of stores, strategically placed across the UK’s busiest routes, with highly qualified ‘partners’ that are equipped to help to ensure your journey remains ‘smoke-free’. 
Whether you are already using ‘reduced risk’ products or simply thinking about it, we are here to help. We pride ourselves in our industry leading nicotine alternatives including a premium range of Vaping,  ‘Heat Not Burn’, and oral consumption products as well as a market leading CBD range.
Our stores are inviting, vibrant and come with no gimmicks!  That’s why we are situated outside the entrance to the Service Stations, where you will receive dedicated support from our Vape Cube partners. 
Whether you are buying online or visiting our stores you will be sure to receive high quality products to cover all your vape needs.
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Your smoke free future starts and continues, at Vape Cube. 
Opening location - M25 Clacket Lane & M20 Maidstone